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Me Newgrounds newbie :)

2009-04-07 10:44:59 by Swordkille50

Sup ppl, i'm quite new to newgrounds, just a few weeks on it.
I know when you just join only few ppl come and look to songs or other stuff on someone's account. Just wrote this for those that come and take a look.
I've been posting 2 loops and 1 song and it's not perfect i know^^
I want to create a hardcore/gabber song once and maybe even stick to it :)
I just started with creating tracks, probably i'll post another one at summer time.
I also created some stuff with photoshop, added one. I know it's naruto, i like that animé, and no i'm not any narutardish like. Just liked the render when i was looking for one.
Anywayz love it or hate it, I won't stop.


Me Newgrounds newbie :)


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2009-04-07 11:49:14

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